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About company


         Engineer-Expert Service LLP was founded in 2011 and specializes in providing a wide range of services for personnel development, organization of training courses and seminars in the area of industrial safety, HR and technical audits.



Company profile:



          In accordance with the Charter and the Certificate for the right to carry out works in the field of industrial safety issued by the RSU by the Committee for Industrial Development and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Engineer-Expert Service LLP carries out the following activities (in industries: Petrochemical , oil and gas production, oil refining, mining and geological prospecting, at blasting facilities, construction, power, as well as at boiler and gas facilities, lifting equipment, pressure vessels):



-Training, retraining of specialists, workers in the field of industrial safety;

-Execution of expertise in the field of explosive work;

-Execution of industrial safety expertise;

-Development of declarations of industrial safety of a hazardous production facility.


The mission of the company is safety first!


To introduce a culture of labor protection throughout the company of the client and to create personnel committed to the standards and objectives of the Company and safety.


Our task: 

To make a significant contribution to the rapid development of our clients' business, using the latest innovations and experience of professionals.

Provide professional support in the development of the customer's personnel, in order to increase their knowledge and professional skills, increase the level of safety and labor protection in enterprises, and conduct audits to identify violations and their rapid, high-quality eradication.


Provide customers with services and work results that fully comply with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, state and industry norms, rules and standards, the requirements of the Customer, determined by the specific conditions of contracts and agreements, and on this basis the high efficiency of the Customer's investments;

Individual and differentiated approach to each client, regardless of the volume of services provided to him.


- We appreciate and always maintain friendly relations with our customers, who once using our services, often become our regular customers.


Our advantages:
We have all the necessary labor, material and technical resources that are needed to provide our customers with the highest quality and prompt service.

Most of our highly qualified specialists, formerly employees of state bodies, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the issues of the current legislative framework, as well as their regular monitoring in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and fire safety, allow us to successfully solve any problems encountered by customers and find the way out of the most difficult situations.


We focus on long-term partnership with our customers, so we respond in a timely manner to emerging problems.


 What will your company get from our services?


  • Responsible attitude of your company's employee to safety at work;
  • Understand the possible dangers and risks in your workplace;
  • Create adequate self-evaluation of employees;
  • Staff skills to develop, promote and implement a positive culture of HSE in the organization;
  • The skill of employees to identify mistakes and potentially hazardous activities in the workplace;
  •  A single, efficient team;
  • Identify the internal potential of the employee, how it manifests itself in the team;
Create a committed employee and a friendly, environment-friendly environment among colleagues, thereby increasing the efficiency of labor and achieving the employer's goals within the specified time frame. autstaffing