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          Our employees are highly qualified specialists. Most of them are ex. Government Authorities employees, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the knowledge of the  RoK legislation requirements, as well as their regular monitoring in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and fire safety, allow us to successfully solve any problems arising from the  Client and find the best solution in the most difficult situations.

HRConsulting in the form of trainings on team building, the analysis of your staff, who as it is shown, what qualities and potential it possesses.

These trainings are used to increase the labor productivity and profit of the company


Training: teambuilding or how to achieve the goals of the company with a single team

 1). Training teambuilding (full course) is conducted in the classroom, during 2 full days. At the request of the client, it is possible to use a compressed version with a duration of one day

This type of training is specialized and is developed individually for the client within problem areas and manager comments. It is conducted by a professional business coach and personal growth coach, Moscow, in cooperation with the training coordinator by an experienced HR specialist with more than 10 years of experience in human resources in the oil and gas and construction sectors in Atyrau and other regions of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The training will open a new era for you and your team in managing and achieving results. In the course of this training, you and every employee will get visual experience how to improve performance and find out why and for what reasons, its recession, how to establish SMART goals and achieve them, what is time management and what is it for, how to plan work, To meet expectations and declared plans.


At the same time, in the process of training, an experienced HR will be located in the audience, which will conduct an analysis of your staff, who shows up in the training (and thus in life / work), what qualities and potentials they have. 


          This information is very valuable and will help you to identify employees who need growth and scope for its development, which will help to invest correctly investments and get rid of inefficient investments in order to eradicate this expense item.

           During the training personal negative situations are disassembled, the causes of their origin are identified and eliminated. Everyone who is in the training area is working out his personal problems concerning work / business and reveals the reasons for the lack of high results, opens the way for even greater development. It reveals the true meaning of the word "urgency" and what results it will give if it is chosen as an instrument for accomplishing the tasks set.


          Employees will undergo various types of situational exercises that will radically change their perception of the employer and the company for the better. The process of fulfilling their functional duties will bring joy and pleasure, and working in a team that is full of understanding, respect and cohesion will bring true enjoyment to their lives. Your employees will unite and become part of a single "hourly" mechanism that will achieve its goals on time and with pleasure (and, most likely, overfulfill the plan). 


          The staff who attended this training will not be the same! You will see bright, colossal changes for the better, and as a result you will get a successful team, striving for high results, a team that is committed to the company's goals with a high level of motivation!


The cost of this training is determined based on the needs and problem points of the company.


2) Rope Course - teambuilding training, which is conducted in the open air. 


        This course is good and attractive because in summer it can be an excellent alternative for picnics and trips outside the city with your team. Offering this course, we offer you a great time with your colleagues, as well as a great, unparalleled training in kindergarten education in Western Kazakhstan. All information about the instructors you will see in the attached presentation.


       This course brings a new level of teamwork. Your colleagues will learn to understand each other with a half-word and will feel that it really is to be a united, united team-family.


       Exercises used in the training were developed according to the foreign experience of the founders of this course. You will see your team in a new light, see how your collective manifests itself in different situations.


       An incredible offer and it is already included in the cost of the training: in cooperation with the instructors of the rope course, an experienced HR specialist will act as the training coordinator, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of human resources in the oil and gas and construction sectors in Atyrau and other regions of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

HR specialist will be an analysis of your team based on the personal manifestations of employees in the training process. Thanks to this you can find the "rough diamond" in your team and get a guide for its development, that is, you will be given an analysis of your employees, how they manifest themselves in teamwork and what are the deep qualities they possess. This is very important information for the development of your staff, monitoring and analyzing your future investments in its development. Carries out diagnostics of communicative, command and management qualities of participants.


This information is very valuable and will help you to identify the personnel and its internal potential, the scope for its development, which will help to invest correctly investments and get rid of inefficient investments in order to eradicate this expense item. 


The cost of this training: will be provided in personal correspondence. 

The price includes: site equipment, trainer and certified rope course instructor. Analysis of situations and disruptions. Teamwork and teamwork analysis. Diagnostics of communicative, command and management qualities of participants. The minimum number of participants is 15 people.

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Our instructors and trainers constantly develop new exercises, and introduce them into the process of training technology, which allows us to reach deep results.

If your task is serious and you really want to disassemble the work of the group and put it together in the work of the team, you will have to resort to the help of professionals. Such as we are:

Able to diagnose the parameters with which it is worth working to improve productivity.

Able to conduct a program for 100-150 people.

  3) Biometric fingerprint testing: 


          All HR managers / recruiters know that finding the right personnel that will meet all the requirements is not an easy task. Even after several interviews in the amount of 3-5 times with the same candidate, you can make a mistake. During the trial period, we understand that the candidate was chosen incorrectly. A person can have knowledge, but does not possess the important in-depth qualities necessary to perform a particular job. This is a constant and basic problem in the selection of personnel.


But we found a solution for you! The fingerprint program will tell you about the person before you take it to work and cut your expenses!


In each section of the report received after testing, contains a detailed description of your strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents.

 The cost of this training: will be provided in personal correspondence



We offer an amazing deal: if your company chooses to conduct one of the above-described trainings for staff, then we will offer you biometric testing with a discount of 50%



 The employer remember: your main resource, which brings profit is the personnel!



          Only employees sincerely committed (see below) can give the maximum result and do the work 100%, rather than 20% as we have in practice. istock_000000398439_l2

       The dedicated employees make more efforts and do what is needed, not just what is supposed to be a contract or job description. They do not take into account their efforts, if it is necessary for overall success.

       Affected employees infect with their commitment to other employees. They are a "leaven" for the formation of a certain organizational culture.

       Finally, commitment can reduce costs associated with staff turnover, misdirection and reduce inefficient staff.

       The dedicated employees do not leave the organization, even if the organization experiences hard times and applies all possible and impossible efforts, in order to pull the organization out of the "pit" and take it to a new level.



We focus on long-term partnership with our customers, so we respond in a timely manner to emerging problems.