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          Our employees are highly qualified specialists. Most of them are ex. Government Authorities employees, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the knowledge of the  RoK legislation requirements, as well as their regular monitoring in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and fire safety, allow us to successfully solve any problems arising from the  Client and find the best solution in the most difficult situations.


get-imgFire safety requirements must be strictly observed at any enterprise !!!



  Compliance with these requirements is based on the passage of training at the rate of fire-technical minimum.         

Fire-technical minimum is the level of knowledge in the field of fire safety necessary for managers, 
key specialists and persons who are responsible for fire safety in the enterprise (institution),
as well as for employees of organizations associated with explosive-fire production.
Fire safety is very important now, compliance with its requirements has long been not an empty formality and can save 
not only valuable property, but also human life.





     Fire-technical minimum training is conducted within a month after admission to work and with the following periodicity:

- for managers, specialists and employees of organizations not associated with explosive and fire hazardous production, at least once every three years after the last training;

- for managers, specialists and employees of organizations associated with explosive and fire hazardous production, 
at least once a year.

To obtain the required knowledge, which will prevent or quickly eliminate the fire, it is necessary within a month after the employee was accepted to the post. Such a requirement is regulated by the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RoK, approved in 2014.

 The most frequent causes of fires in industrial plants are careless handling of fire, malfunctioning of production equipment and technological process violations, violation of the rules for the operation of electrical equipment, non-compliance with fire safety measures during electric welding and some others.

When training specialists, it is necessary to study the rules that should be used when evacuating in case of fire, safety standards for storage of combustible materials, the possibility of safe operation with them. The training includes mandatory standards for the storage of flammable substances.

After the completion of the fire safety training course, the scope of the fire-technical minimum provides for certification that allows to confirm the level of knowledge gained. As a result of its passage, students receive certificates, issued in accordance with the established pattern.





The cost of training at the rate of "Fire-technical minimum" - 12 000 tenge (without VAT).



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