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          Our employees are highly qualified specialists. Most of them are ex. Government Authorities employees, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the knowledge of the  RoK legislation requirements, as well as their regular monitoring in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and fire safety, allow us to successfully solve any problems arising from the  Client and find the best solution in the most difficult situations.


         Work at height includes work performed at height of 1.3 m and higher from the surface of the ground, the floor, the flooring.

        Work at height of 5 m or more refers to the climbing works which the main means of preventing falling is the safety belt.


Group of persons who need to take a course:

  1.    people who work under the supervision of the chief or the person in charge of the entire team
  2.   officials, masters, foremen, workers who issue permits for work
  3.   specialists in labor protection, as well as employees responsible for internships and briefings



The training program consists of:

  • organization of work at height according to work permit;
  • ensuring safe operation of equipment and mechanisms;
  • organization of labour protection in sites and production areas.


          Training and testing of knowledge of employees at the rate "Safety requirements for work at height" is carried out at least once a year.

         Persons who have completed the thaining course and pass successful examination of knowledge are issued a certificate with a protocol confirming the verification of knowledge



 Training cost "Work at height and climbing work" - 15 000 tenge (excluding VAT).



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