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          Our employees are highly qualified specialists. Most of them are ex. Government Authorities employees, whose experience and expertise are invaluable in the knowledge of the  RoK legislation requirements, as well as their regular monitoring in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and fire safety, allow us to successfully solve any problems arising from the  Client and find the best solution in the most difficult situations.

woman-frustrated-with-files Personnel audit is a complete check of internal personnel documentation for compliance with the requirements of labor legislation and personnel records management.shutterstock_67359433

Personnel audit is required:

  • when the employee responsible for the administration of personnel administration is changed;
  • when changing the management of the organization;
  • when the personnel documentation is brought into line with the current legislation, after the changes that have occurred in it;
  • if information or instruction is received about the forthcoming planned inspection by the labor inspectorate.



Verification of personnel documentation will allow the company's management to get an idea of ​​the real state of personnel documents, namely:

  • detect inconsistencies in personnel administration;
  • determine the completeness of the documentation;
  • determine the degree of compliance of personnel documents with the requirements of current legislation;
  • assess the risks of imposing sanctions during inspections;
  • update the procedures for maintaining records management;
  • receive recommendations on the storage and archiving of documents.


As a result of the personnel audit by experts, you will receive an independent expert opinion - a report that contains:

  • a detailed description of the work performed for each control audit;
  • assessment of compliance of personnel documents with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • recommendations for the elimination of identified violations and correction of all errors that were detected as a result of personnel audit;
  • a list of identified violations and inconsistencies in the design, maintenance and storage of personnel documents, indicating references to legislation and describing possible sanctions.

 Conducting procedure

The main stages (processes) of personnel audit are:b210869042

1. A general assessment of the activities of the personnel service of the organization and the competence of its employees;

2. Analysis of internal normative personnel documents of a general nature (such local regulations as the Rules of the Internal Work Order of the  Organization, Instruction on labor protection, Regulations on wages and bonuses to employees, etc.);

3. Legal analysis of employment contracts and personal files of employees;

4. Legal analysis of the orders of the manager, evaluation of the system of storage and processing of personnel documentation, timeliness and correctness of its registration (work books, magazines and registers of records, orders registers, etc.).


Upon completion of the personnel audit, the Company-Customer receives:

  • expert opinion on the current state of personnel records management;
  • recommendations for the elimination of errors, violations and shortcomings in personnel documents;
  • recommendations on making adjustments to the procedures of personnel records management;
  • recommendations for the restoration of personnel documents;
  • report on the results of examination of the content of local regulations.


 If necessary, we are ready to offer services for the restoration of personnel documents.


We focus on long-term partnership with our customers, so we respond in a timely manner to emerging problems.